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Hi, I’m Sarah Guillot.

As an acting coach specialising in Shakespeare, I’m all about cutting through the BS, elitism and overwhelm that surrounds Shakespeare.

In 2019, I accidentally started a YouTube channel.

How do you accidentally start a YouTube channel, you ask?

Well, at some point I must have had the brilliant idea of sharing what I knew about Shakespeare, and I made a couple of YouTube videos sharing tips on how to act Shakespeare monologues, like Helena’s “Then I confess” monologue from All’s Well That Ends Well.

I stuck them on YouTube… and forgot about them for 6 months.

One day, I just happened to check my YouTube account, and spotted that my videos had a bunch of views and comments thanking me for making Shakespeare simple.

Inspired by this, I started offering my services as an acting coach. I thought my experience in directing and acting Shakespeare (and explaining it on YouTube) would be enough to make me a good coach.

I was wrong.

In my first sessions as a coach, I realised that many actors already knew what their lines meant (sort of). But they still couldn’t connect. They didn’t have the context and skills to make the words feel truthful. (Sometimes they didn’t even realise that they were supposed to be aiming for truthful!)

Here’s what I discovered: just having someone tell you what the words mean is not enough.

To really excel at acting Shakespeare, you need to know how to work through the full process, so you can connect to the text in your own, unique way.


I realised I would need to find a way to give actors the tools they needed, fast.

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